CTA-1000E CT/PT Analyzer

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 Product Introduction 

CTA-1000E CT/PT analyzer is a new generation of innovative CT/PT test equipment,  developed on the basis of volt-ampere characteristic ratio polarity transformer test equipment of traditional voltage regulator, voltage booster and strong current generator. We widely listen to users' opinions and conduct in-depth theoretical research after a lot of market research. The equipment adopt high-performance DSP and FPGA, advanced manufacturing technology, ensured stable and reliable performance, full-functional, high level of automation, high test efficiency. At the leading level in China, CTA-1000E is a professional test equipment for transformer testing in the power industry.

 Product Parameters 

UsageCT, PT
Output0~180Vrms, 12Arms, 36A(peak value)
Voltage measurement accuracy±0.1%
CT RatioRange1~40000
PT RatioRange1~40000
DC resistanceRange0~300Ω
Power supplyAC 220V±10%, 50Hz
Environmental ConditionsOperating temperature : -10℃~50℃ Humidity :≤90%
Dimensions and WeightDimensions: 400mm×320mm×203mm;
Strong Current Generator (Optional)
UsageFlow test
Current Output0~180A  Accuracy<0.2%
Environmental ConditionsOperating temperature : -10℃~50℃ Humidity :≈90%
Dimensions and WeightDimensions: 270mm×160mm×160mm;

 Product Features 

1.With comprehensive functions, it can satisfy the test requirements of excitation characteristics (i.e. volt-ampere characteristic) of all kinds of CT (such as: protection, measurement, TP), transformation ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, ratio error, angular error and also can be used for the test of the excitation characteristics of all kinds of PT electromagnetic unit, transformation ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio error, etc.

2.On site calibration of current transformer doesn&rsquo;t need the standard current transformer, strong current generator, load box, voltage regulation control box and high-current conductor, and only very simple test wiring and operation can realize the calibration of current transformer, greatly reducing the working intensity and improving the work efficiency, and facilitating the on site calibration of current transformer.

3.It can measure ratio error and angular error accurately. Max ratio error &plusmn;0.05% is permitted. Max angular error &plusmn;2min is permitted. It can measure 0.2S class current transformer and turns ratio range is 1~40000.

4.Current output 180A after selecting our dedicated strong current generator, convenient for on-site flow test.

5.It can test CT/PT volt-ampere characteristic curve and 10% error curve based on the advanced frequency conversion method, only output maximum 180V of AC voltage and 12Ams (36A peek value) of AC current, but can cope with the CT test with inflection point of as high as 60Kv. 

6.Auto test CT/PT parameters on knee point voltage/current, 5% and 10% deviation curve measurement, accuracy limit factor (ALF), safety factor (FS), second time constants (Ts), residual magnetism factor (Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance.

7.The test can meeet GB1208(IEC60044-1)、GB16847(IEC60044-6) 、GB1207 and other kinds of transformers, and choose the right standard test automatically according to the type of transformers.

8.It is easy to use. To test CT DC resistance, excitation and polarity only need one button. All CT tests adopt same connect method except load test.

9.With full English dynamic graphical interface, it can complete wiring and parameters setting without reference to manual. It can conduct dynamic display of parameter settings and automatically display the relevant parameters according to the currently selected test item. It also can conduct dynamic display of wiring diagram, and display corresponding wiring diagram according to the currently selected test item.

10.8.4 inch TFT LCD touch screen, full English color graphical interface and full touch input control make human-computer interaction conveniently.

11.Comes with USB2.0 interface, you can access the keyboard and mouse operation instrument at the same time.

12.The test result can be exported with USB disk, and program can be upgraded with USB disk, convenient and quick.

13.Installed large capacity solid-state drive, can store 10000 groups of test data, and data will not lose during power failure.

14.With background analysis software to facilitate the test report of the preservation, conversion, analysis, can be used to test data comparison, judgement and evaluation. 

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