ZCHG-12 Automatic Transformer Test Equipment

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Product Introduction

    This Automatic Transformer Test Equipment can finish accuracy test / error calibrating automatically for transformer . It based on principle of newest virtual Instruments design, users just need operate the virtual interface by using the mouse and keyboard, input the transformer type, measurement range, precision class, capacity, power factor, can finish the transformer test, analyze, calculate and manage the test results, and print all kinds of records and certificates according users requirements. This is the ideal equipment for transformer manufacturer and  meteringt test center .

Product Parameters

Power supplyAC220V±10% 50Hz±10%
Power supplyAC220V±10% 50Hz±10%
Relative Humidity≤85%(25℃)
Output capacity of voltage control section7KVA(250V 30A)that can be extended as requirement.
 Fineness of voltage regulator better than 0.04V.

Product Features

    1. With the functions of measurement, controlling , display by using single clip.

    2. With PC interface, improve the office automation level, reduce the labor intensity.

    3. With LCD, provide friendly operation interface and rich measurement information.

    4. Can auto measure the transformer, auto switch the current, voltage load box.

    5. Can inform the users the error information in time.

    6. Reaching Standard Class 2

    7. The transformation ratio of the standard instrument transformer and calibrated instrument transformer doesn't have to be equal. We can test directly once the rated primary voltage or current of the calibrated transformer is not bigger than that of the standard transformer. And it's easy to operate.

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